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Activator RX Reviews
Last Updated: Friday November 17, 2017
Activator RX Nutraceuticals
United States of America


Works within 25 minutes and lasts up to 36 hours… these are just some of the numbers flaunted by Activator RX, which claims to be a maximum strength male sexual performance enhancer. This supplement comes in a small 500 mg capsule that you can take half an hour before engaging in sex – 30 minutes after, you are said to be ready to “give your partner the ride of their life.”

This so-called revolutionary formula is promoted to be four times more powerful than any other product on the market and is the fastest-acting by far. The key, according to its website, it is proprietary advanced active dispersion technology, and the catalyst in the formula is osthole, a cumarin isolated from cnidium monnier. This compound stimulates nitric oxide production and leads to production of cGMP, which affects relaxation of smooth muscle and allows penile arteries to expand and fill with blood.

Ingredient List

Activator RX contains the following major ingredients:

  • L-arginine – an amino acid with various functions in your body, including removing ammonia, being converted to glucose and glycogen if needed, and being used to make compounds such as creatine, :-glutamate, and L-proline.
  • Butea superba – in a 3-month randomized double-blind trial, noticeable improvement was found in patients of erectile dysfunction.
  • Cordyseps sinensis – this medicinal mushroom increases energy, stimulates the immune system, acts as a tonic in the body.
  • Epimedium sagittatum – this pungent ornamental herb, also known as horny goat weed, works to make users sexually active.
  • Lichen – This sexual herb is known as an aphrodisiac.
  • Tribulus terrestris – This is known for its various medicinal effects and its positive action against headaches, dizziness, and premature ejaculation, to name a few.
  • Cnidium extract – This Chinese medicinal herb contains helpful compounds for sexual activity and performance.
  • Red Korean ginseng – This has been used for thousands of year for a wide spectrum of conditions, from stress management to erectile dysfunction.

Product Features and Benefits

Activator RX addresses these major areas of male sexual health: insufficient blood flow, lack of nitric oxide, and neurological factors that hinder strong, healthy erections and a robust sexual function in men. It boasts of an over 95 percent success rate in enhancing sexual performance.


  • Pays attention to good blood flow and nitric oxide production
  • Relatively affordable price
  • Works fast


  • Lacks comprehensive information on clinical trials
  • Lacks other important details, such as recommended dosage and complete ingredient list


We are convinced of Activator RX’s good intentions, as one of the primary indicators is its affordable price and it good mix of herbal ingredients. However, the product is found wanting in certain crucial areas, such as comprehensive product information and lack of complete clinical trial data. We hope to see a refinement to its ordering process, too, as we want to see it compete better with the male enhancement giants of the trade today.

Week of: Tuesday November 7, 2017
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