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Androgel Reviews
Last Updated: Friday December 15, 2017
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A 1.62% testosterone gel, Androgel is a controlled substance (CIII) and a prescription topical testosterone cream considered a daily testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). It intends to help bring your level of this hormone back to normal. It is a clear, odorless, and concentrated quick-drying gel that offers packaging options, in a metered-dose pump or in packets, for you and your doctor’s selection.

Ingredient List

Androgel testosterone replacement therapy is available in two strengths: 1% and 1.62%, which is concentrated. Remember that the application and dosing for the two differ from other topical testosterone products available on the market today.

Product Features and Benefits

In its clinical study involving 274 men with low testosterone levels, 82 percent of daily Androgel users (once daily for 16 weeks) saw their levels return to normal, compared to 37 percent of those who used placebo. However, there are warnings that come with using Androgel, including potential transfer from your body to others; manifestation of puberty in young kids accidentally exposed to testosterone (through skin contact); and women (especially pregnant ones) and children recommended to avoid contact anything that has touched the testosterone product.


  • Complete body of caution and safety warnings, as well as doctor’s prescription guide
  • Handy option for men who are in desperate need of testosterone boost
  • Discounts and saving packages available for users


  • Only obtained through doctor’s prescription
  • Haunted by safety issues, as do other hormone replacement therapy (HRT) options


Topical testosterone products abound on the market, and one of them is Androgel. Without a doubt, Androgel is among the most trustworthy ones in the crop, with a good reputation and quality control that make it a viable choice for men who urgently need to optimize their levels of this male hormone. However, our fundamental issue with using this product is the controversy that surrounds hormone therapies of this kind, which is not proven safe and risk-free. In fact, the literature contains documented side effects that you are better off avoiding, especially if you are already hounded by medical problems. This prescription route may not be the best one to take.

Furthermore, we want male enhancement solutions that focus not just on testosterone but also on other male sexual health aspects, which only the synergistic action of helpful nutrients and herbal extracts can boost. Here, the sexual enhancement seeker should discern very well what the safest and most effective choice to take is.

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