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Dapovar Reviews
Last Updated: Friday November 17, 2017


Dapovar is a sexual enhancement pills that mainly boasts of 5-hydroxytryptamine, which has been the point of interest in a so-called “blockbuster new human clinical study” on premature ejaculation. It is said to contain a natural compound combination for a dramatic increase in ability to delay ejaculations. The main purpose of product intake is increasing sexual pleasure and stamina. The new compounds, developed and first sold in Holland, was later on approved for sale in the United States under the trade name Dapovar.

Ingredient List

The supplement ingredients include graffonia seed extract (5-hydroxytryptamine), folic acid, passion flower, kava kava, and vitamin B6. It is promoted for men of different ages to increase the length of their sexual experience and enjoyment – that is without the use of drugs or medications, chemicals, or even ejaculation creams that are mostly rendered ineffective.

Product Features and Benefits

Dapovar has a distinct molecular profile for the safe manipulation of SSRO receptors in your brain. According to its manufacturer, this action makes climax control significantly possible in 94 percent of male users. The compound also recorded a 317 percent increase in sexual pleasure among male subjects, as conducted by the supplement makers.


  • Comprehensive website information, including its clinical study
  • Non-drug formulation and therefore available over the counter
  • The natural compounds is lab tested particularly for fighting premature ejaculation, and deemed safe for intake alongside other male pills and even drugs such as Viagra


  • 5-hydroxytryptamine needs to be tested further and independently, and in human subjects
  • Two capsules per day recommended intake is not reliable and cost-effective


Dapovar stands out in the male enhancement trade with the fact that it is among the few that brings a natural compound of its kinds and with very promising results. However, what discourages us from giving this product a high rating is its focus on premature ejaculation alone, which neglects other crucial aspects of male sexual health and function. There are also other pills of its caliber that may cost cheaper and have more safety use and guidelines, and may therefore be a sounder option.

Week of: Tuesday November 7, 2017
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