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Erectol Reviews
Last Updated: Friday November 17, 2017


Erectol is promoted to take as little as 30 minutes in providing benefits, according to its product website. It is a male enhancement solution that is focused on fighting off erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence and affecting about one in four men in America today. The supplement also promotes permanent strength support for your prostate, a walnut-like gland that also does male sexual and overall function. Erectol is recommended to be taken once daily, with effortless erections – any time you will them – as the ultimate goal in mind (and said to manifest within weeks of use).

Ingredient List

The ingredient list includes Avena sativa, used for improving male and female sexual desire, performance and sensation; damiana leaf extract, a sexual tonic used for hundreds of years now; muira puama or potency wood, tried for libido and erectile strength; yohimbe, which increased blood flow and libido; and ther components such as Siberian ginseng, saw palmetto, boron, vitamin E, zinc, phosphorus, chlorophyll, and ginkgo biloba.

Product Features and Benefits

Dubbed the number one male enhancement supplement in America (by no less than its own manufacturer), Erectol is focused on providing erectile enhancement benefits for regaining your sexual prowess and once-glorious performance. Thousands of users are said to have benefited from the formulation, which is deemed appropriate for use among males ages 19 to 90. A staggering 98 percent effectiveness rate is highlighted by its makers.


  • Offers well-rounded sexual benefits
  • Explains erection mechanism and how male sexuality works and vitality is achieved
  • Use of herbal extracts that have concrete erectile or libido benefits


  • Lacks crucial product and manufacturer’s information
  • Falls shorts in customer service delivery
  • Short-sighted in male enhancement claims and action


Erectol has a good enough lineup of herbal and nutritional ingredients, making for a pretty strong formulation that has a recommended once-a-day dose. We like the fact that it can work as quickly as 30 minutes, too, with focused benefits on erectile strength. But trust is not completely given where there is poor service in online ordering, as well as the lack of details on its money back guarantee and other pro-consumer mechanisms.

Week of: Tuesday November 7, 2017
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