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Expanzite Reviews
Last Updated: Friday November 17, 2017


Expanzite is a male sexual performance enhancer that is built upon the principle of achieving a bigger and stronger manhood, as well as better confidence levels and satisfaction for both parties in lovemaking. It is created by LifeSmart Laboratories and an output of three years of research, with data coming from four major cultures. A bottle of Expanzite contains 60 pills and good for a month’s use (two capsules recommended a day). It is suggested to be taken half-hour to two hours before sexual intercourse for the desired improvement in performance. The manufacturer, however, has an open disclaimer: there’s no clinical evidence for the product’s overall effectiveness.

Ingredient List

Unfortunately, there is no official ingredient list published on this official website. The main product is focused on penis enlargement and enhanced blood flow, so we could guess that there is something like L-arginine in the formulation. However, we cannot be 100% sure since there is no verifiable ingredient list.

Product Features and Benefits

We cannot make a full discussion of the product’s features and benefit because of the very limited (and limiting) information available on the Web, but based on its name and the context of its main product pitch, Expanzite is geared toward “expanding” erectile size and strength, as well as increasing sexual confidence – a rather vague statement to make for those with male enhancement seekers with specific needs.


  • Positive reviews to make up for glaring product information gap
  • Largely made affordable by special deals and discounts


  • Lacks important product information
  • Promotional approach veers toward “miracle pill” claims, which are outrageous and too blanket a statement to show key benefits and advantages.


It is unsettling to find very little information about Expanzite in the face of its many and strong male enhancement claims. For one, it counteracts its claim that it is backed by research on four cultures when it says it does not have overall effectiveness data on hand. There are so many missed opportunities, including the lack of full ingredient list, dosing information, and manufacturer’s reputation info and quality standards. These make it very difficult to rate Expanzite sensibly, much more give it a good grade.

Week of: Tuesday November 7, 2017
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