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Extamax Reviews
Last Updated: Friday November 17, 2017


Extamax is another male enhancement supplement that boasts that it can increase penile size and enhance sexual power and performance. It is focused on maximizing the length, width, and power of the male genitals, and assisting in enhancing self-confidence in lovemaking. It banks on a power to increase blood flow to your manhood, leading to bigger erectile size and improved quality. This supplement claims that the increase in the blood filling your penis during an erection leads to your penile tissue experiencing permanent growth in the long run.

Ingredient List

Extamax contains yohimbe which helps increase penile blood flow. This ingredient, however, has been a cause for concern due to potential serious side effect, especially in the long term. L-arginine increases nitric oxide production to firm up your erections, while maca root is a traditionally hailed aphrodisiac and performance enhance. Other ingredients of this male enhancement supplement include catuaba bark, muira puama, Tribulus terrestris, oat straw, ginger, cayenne, and Korean ginseng – these last few components helping increase sexual energy and endurance potential.

Product Features and Benefits

Extamax boasts of benefits that span erectile size and strength, as well as libido and overall performance enhancement. It uses the mechanism of increased blood flow to the male genitals and herbal extracts that are time-tested libido enhancers.


  • Combines powerful pro-erection herbal extracts and nutrients
  • Offers a money back guarantee
  • Offers several ordering options for customers


  • Contains yohimbe, which even the FDA now warns about
  • Lacks customer reviews and testimonials to help us gauge product reputation
  • Misleading free trial promotion – it only comes with a future Autoship


Penis enlargement is no longer a strange claim in this industry – it is, in fact, the crux of male enhancement and the marketing campaigns rising from it. However, we feel that Extamax does a lot in campaigning for this but falls short in execution, mainly due to (1) the inclusion of a less-than-trustworthy main ingredient in the form of yohimbe, (2) misleading Free Trial offer, and (2) lack of customer reviews and testimonials that show just how it is positioned in the industry. Its makers badly need to do certain tweaks to make it more reliable and transparent in how it can EXACTLY help me achieve better sexual function and performance.

Week of: Tuesday November 7, 2017
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