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Male Extra Reviews
Last Updated: Friday November 17, 2017

Can You Get a Better and Longer Erection with Male Extra?

Some men want a product that is not only going to supply them with longer and stronger erections but is going to work without a doubt. Many of the products you find today promise great results only for you to find out that you need to regularly take the pills for a month or longer before you may notice even the smallest of increases in your size. If you are looking for an enhancer that can provide you with a longer erection while using natural ingredients you may want to take a look at Male Extra.

Male Extra markets itself as a natural male enhancement supplement that will give you the stronger and longer erection you really want. In fact, the claims of the manufacturer state that you can add more than two inches in length to your erection in six months of regular use of the pills. This is a significant increase in size, even if it does take six months to happen. The ingredients used in Male Extra include high doses of L-Arginine and pomegranate, both of which are known to help increase blood flow and testosterone levels so you will get the increase in size you need. You will also see an increase in your sex drive and better and stronger control over your ejaculations, allowing them to be stronger and more intense so your orgasms are stronger.

Male Extra does cite clinical studies that help show the improvements that can be achieved in erection and penis size with regular use of the product over a three to six month period. Customers of the product do note that they do see an increase in penis size as the product claims and that it does address issues they may have with erectile dysfunction and their orgasms. There are some questions around the product however that you may want to consider before you make a final decision. The recommended dose of the product is three pills a day, a high dosage to take, meaning you will go through more of the pill over the six months recommended, costing you more money. There is also a lacking of a listing of other ingredients included in the product, leading to some concern about possible side effects as a result of ingredients not listed.

Male Extra certainly does promise penis enlargement and a longer erection, but there are still questions regarding the product that may make you want to hesitate before you buy. You should consider other products that perform similar functions to Male Extra that can provide other benefits as well. You can read up on other products and check reviews at Male Enhancement Institute so you can be completely informed as to all of the top products available. This will allow you to make the best decision and get the product you feel comfortable will provide you with the natural male enhancement supplement that will really work.

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