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Penatropin Reviews
Last Updated: Friday November 17, 2017
United States


Penatropin, formulated by Dr. Wichai Cherdsherwasart, a US patent holder and Taguchi Prize recipient, is a male enhancement solution that is promoted to be clinically tested and supported by double-blind human clinical trials. It claims to be top-rated by medical, industry, and consumer reviews and ratings, primarily for how it helps users achieve peak growth hormone levels.

Penatropin is claimed to significantly increase the free testosterone level in your system. Its clinical data also states that users saw a whopping 84 percent increase in Erectile Quality Score, specifically in their hardness, penile size, and erectile strength as the most empowered areas. Therefore the main benefits promoted for target customers are substantially improved erections where size, hardness, and longevity are concerned, as well as more powerful orgasms, enhanced libido, increased free testosterone, and improved sexual stamina for more fulfilling lovemaking ahead.

Ingredient List

Penatropin is said to contain Butea superba and other herbal extracts, although the exact list is not disclosed.

Product Features and Benefits

Thai biologist Dr. Cherdsherwasart focuses on the male enhancement benefits of Butea superba, which is promoted to increase blood flow and offer a complex formulation for sexual enhancement (therefore supposedly better gains than its competitors). The herbal extract is widely utilized for other male enhancement pills but needs far more extensive research as far as its purported benefits are concerned.


  • Offers comprehensive information on its human clinical trial
  • Formulated by a Thai scientist with good academic background and research credentials
  • Relatively affordable price compared to its main male enhancement competitors


  • Fails to disclose full ingredient list for transparency and consumer awareness
  • Needs to address website security
  • Needs to tweak ordering system on the site for faster, more efficient customer transaction


While Penatropin puts forward a lot of science-based research and information to better inform its target and existing customers, there is a lot left to be desired, such as knowing what ingredients are exactly in this formulation. We are impressed by the supposed benefits of Butea superba that are in the existing literature (e.g. increased blood flow), but if it fares excellently against other time-tested extracts is yet to be seen.

It is also worth mentioning that Penatropin comes with an affordable price, but our reservations remain, and we would like to see the full ingredient list as well as improvements in site security, ordering process, and other deficiencies that turn off its potential buyers.

Week of: Tuesday November 7, 2017
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